Hello! My name is Claudia.
I’m a visual recorder.

I am taking large-scale visual notes. Of your presentation, your training or your meeting’s discussion. Live. AND BIG.

Graphic Recording in progress …. Listening closely to capture the essence.

Why take visual notes?

Spoken words are fleeting. In fact it’s hard to remember all the important details of an hour-long event.

A graphic recording captures key messages visually, spatially and in a large format. It serves the group as shared reference. And it helps to focus the discussion by making visible what’s being said.

After an event a picture lasts. It’s easy to share the graphic recording to remind people of key messages. Often people even take pictures themselves.

It might look like this: Recording at Impact Hub Summer Academy. It might look like this: Graphic Recording at Impact Hub Summer Academy


Detail from the visual summaries for 'TEDx Geneva 2018' TEDx Geneva 2018
Les jours qui viennent
Detail from the wall of recordings at 'TedX Lausanne 2018' TEDx Lausanne 2018
Homo Futuris
Detail of graphic recording of the talk 'Farewell to belongings' Farewell to Belongings
Creative Mornings Geneva
Detail of graphic recording at the 'Social Impact Awards' Social Impact Award 2017
Impact Hub Geneva
Detail of graphic recording on 'Making game-changing innovation real' Make game-changing innovation real
Impact Hub Summer Academy
Detail of graphic recording on 'Paradigmns of Innovation' Paradigms of innovation
Impact Hub Summer Academy

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