The “The Sustainable Economy We Need” conference brought together experts, EU policy-makers, and civil society members. The event, held in 2022, the year that marks the 50th anniversary of the Club of Rome’s report on “The Limits to Growth.” The goal was to discuss a policy framework that can create a sustainable economy, benefit society, and help Europe become more resilient. Four thematic blocks formed the agenda, each featuring a keynote speech followed by a panel discussion.


I used digital Graphic Recording to capture keynote speeches and panel discussion for each thematic block. This made key messages visible during the conference and reinforced them.

The Graphic Recording visuals were shared by moderators during and in between sessions, allowing for reflection and a better understanding of the material, but the drawing process was also streamed live to Youtube and accessible for participants throughout the event via the website.

Afterwards all of these visuals were combined in an overall layout to create a tangible and compelling outcome of the conference that participants can take home with them and refer back to.

All the Graphic Recordings combined in one overall layout The final poster combining all the individual Graphic Recording visuals.


During the event, participants had several opportunities to experience the Graphic Recording: On the one hand, the live stream of the graphic recording, on the other hand Graphic Recording visuals were presented during the event, and in the closing session to summarize the event.

After the event, the Graphic Recording visuals were integrated into the website. They provide a lasting record of the event for those who were not able to attend in person. The visuals were also given to the speakers as a follow-up to the event. Furthermore a poster was printed from the Graphic Recording to be displayed at the EESC offices. This will serve as a visual reminder of the event and its key takeaways.