Three EESC Observatories jointly organized a 1-day-hybrid- conference on the topic of “Accelerating transitions to build an open strategic autonomy of Europe”.

The concept of “Open Strategic Autonomy,” started in the domaine of security and defense, but now includes many areas such as geopolitics, trade and economics, technology, environment, climate, and social and governance policies. The conference aimed to bring together different perspectives to explore what strategic autonomy should mean and how the policy dimensions could be interconnected effectively.


The conference was structured into six blocks, consisting of an opening and closing session and four panel discussions:

  • Panel 1: Setting the scene: European strategic autonomy - what, how, and why?
  • Panel 2: Health, Labor and Social dimensions of Strategic Autonomy
  • Panel 3: Strategic Autonomy and the Environment
  • Panel 4: How can the EU help Eco-friendly Innovation and protect fundamental Citizens’ Rights?

I provided Graphic Recording services to visually capture the key messages of each block and enrich the conference experience. By making available a live stream of the Graphic Recording Process, the organizers were able to share the progress with the audience at specific moments throughout the conference.

Following the event, I compiled all the visual recordings into an overall layout, creating a tangible and compelling outcome for the conference that is easy to share.

All the Graphic Recordings combined in one overall layout The final poster combining all the individual Graphic Recording visuals.


Participants had several opportunities to benefit from the Graphic Recording: The live stream of the graphic recording was available on the website throughout the event. Furthermore the Graphic Recording visuals were presented during the event, especially during breaks. In the closing session, I had the opportunity to summarize the highlights of the event by presenting all the visuals of the day.

The Graphic Recording visuals were also shared with participants as a follow-up after the event and serve as a visual summary of the event on the website.

The visuals provide a lasting record of the event for those who were not able to attend in person. Participants can refer to the Graphic Recording visuals to refresh their memory of the discussions and important takeaways.