• Event: Versus Virus
  • Speaker: Nadja Müller, Noora Buser, Jo Filshie Browning
  • Type: Virtual “How to” Presentations (approx. 30 min), moderated Livestreams

5000+ participants joined the biggest (so far) Swiss Online Hackathon “Versus Virus” to collaborate and find concrete solutions to tackle the challenges around COVID-19.

I visually recorded these live-streamed presentations in a Remote Graphic Recording setup on the iPad:

“How to create a concept” by Nadja Müller

“How to visualize your idea” by Noora Buser | Video

“How to pitch your idea” by Jo Filshie Browning | Video

The livestream celebrating the “End of Hack” | Video

The livestream of the “Closing Ceremony” | Video

Screenshot showing the organizers applauding for the particpants during the "End of Hack" livestream The organizers applaud for the particpants during the “End of Hack” livestream